About us

Our website and documents are only avalaible in french. Thank you for your understanding.


SPARADRAP, who are we?

SPARADRAP association works for guiding children through the medical world.

Over twenty years of experience

In 1986, two anesthetists of a hospital’s pediatric ENT department initiated several techniques for improving children’s care after tonsils and adenoids operations. They enabled a wider use of anesthesia, explained to the families both anesthesia and operation, introduced actual pain management and a game-based approach to health care.

In 1993, SPARADRAP is formed by parents and healthcare professionals to develop and spread these techniques, by dint of Fondation de France.

Three major objectives for improving the course of childcare

  • inform and prepare better children, teenagers and their parents for care,
    physical check up, physician consultation or hospitalization
  • avoid and minimize pain for children in any possible way
  • promote the role of relatives and close friends when children undergo healthcare

Concrete activities

  • practical illustrated documentation for families
  • training programmes, tools and actions for a greater awareness of professionals
  • information and advice to children, parents and professionals through this website
  • answers to families and professionals’ questions about their specific situations, projects…

Some members deeply involved

  • our board composed by parents and healthcare professionals, chaired by Dr Catherine Devoldère, head of the pediatric hematology immunology oncology and rheumatology department of Amiens UHC
  • our team of six employees and about 300 volunteers
  • our patron: Dr Michel Cymes, specialist in a Parisian hospital and health TV journalist

Our association collaborates with many institutions, learned societies and associations of professionals.